Advertising Standards

In the UK, the Advertising Standards Association requires that we do not state that we can treat any medical condition unless such treatment is substantiated by “robust scientific evidence, such as clinical trials conducted on people”. Clinical trials are very expensive and take large resources and many years to complete and need to be completed for every condition that is being treated. This is beyond the scope of any of the craniosacral therapy community and every complementary therapy organisation we know. Consequently we do not claim or imply that we treat any medical condition per se and this corresponds to how we approach our clients. We support the expression of health in the client wherever we find it in their bodies and where that expression is compromised, we find ways to help it express more fully. People including babies do come with diagnosed medical conditions and these may be mentioned on this or other sites, but our approach is always to look at the expression of the forces of health operating in the body rather than the explicit treatment of these medical conditions.

We do not offer medical diagnosis in any form and always encourage clients to seek diagnosis from a medical practitioner. This has the added benefit of giving the client as much information about their condition as possible.