Partners and Family

A family is not only a group of individuals with their own needs, it is also an interdependent whole. As such, when one member of a family is suffering is some way, it affects the whole family. This is particularly true for babies and children. When a baby is helped by Craniosacral Therapy it encourages bonding with mother, father and siblings and helps the whole family to harmonise and function better. Because of this, we encourage parents to bring along their babies as soon as possible when they feel that they could do with some help.

man having craniosacral treatment


A partner’s supporting role in the birth and early stages of a baby’s life is often not sufficiently appreciated. They have a hugely important supportive and protective role. Partners are encouraged to come along to Craniosacral Treatments of their babies or at least for the first one. That way they can see what the treatment involves, see that their baby is in safe hands and can ask any questions that they may have about the therapy.

If the birth process was stressful, it can be hard for the partner to witness and they may need support for themselves as part of the process of settling for the whole family.

girl having craniosacral treatment


The gentle, supportive and non-invasive nature of Craniosacral Therapy is ideal for children of all ages. Whether it is concern for something in their development or following an accident or operation, or how they are coping with an illness, Cranioisacral Therapy is available to support their body’s own self-healing ability by helping them resolve anything that might be standing in the way of that self-healing.