Cookies and Logs

Personal data

The only personal data used on this website is by:

  • the fee calculator on my booking page for families. The numbers you select in the calculator are stored in your own web browser for that page only until you close that page.
  • see logfile usage below.

Other than that:

  • no personal data is held by this website
  • there are no adverts
  • it does not track you

Web Cookies

This site does use cookies to make it function correctly. These cookies are deleted when you leave the website. A cookie is a piece of information which is sent to your web browser by a website and kept in a small text file on your computer, phone or tablet.

This site does have links to other third party websites which may use cookies and we have no control over their use of cookies.


In common with most websites we keep logs of use of the site in order to identify which pages are being visited and what devices and browsers are used to access the site. We use this information for statistical analysis purposes, giving us information about webpage traffic in order improve our website.